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MathPlus School offers after-school enrichment programs for children in preschool (age 4+) through grade 10. The multi-faceted program covers subjects such as Advanced Math and English to help prepare kids for success in school and beyond.

The curriculum is designed to foster excellence in math at all grades. MathPlus programs prepare students to win math Olympiads and for college admission. After completing Precalculus and Preparation for Math SAT 2 programs, students will be ready to take the Math SAT 2 Subject Test.


Programs are designed for students based on age and level. Math lessons are 60-90 minutes, depending on level.

  • Mathematics classes are offered for children aged 4 – grade 10. The age-appropriate course work is designed to help children fall in love with math while helping them succeed in school and on standardized tests. Higher level courses cover both algebra and geometry, advanced math concepts, theorem proofs and Olympiad type problems that are complementary to school programs.
  • Math SAT 2 is a preparatory class for students in grade 8-10. Students will study precalculus and develop skills to succeed and be confident when taking standardized tests.
  • English classes for students in K-1 and tutoring for grades 2-8 address any challenges students may be facing in school while helping them build confidence.
  • Preschool enrichment programs for ages 4-5 offer an enjoyable and playful environment where children will explore ABCs, phonics, and early mathematics concepts. Students will develop reading skills, increase vocabularies, learn reasoning, numbers, shapes, colors and logical thinking. They will participate in hands-on activities, music and movement, and mind-stimulating board and floor games.

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A free first trial lesson is offered for all subjects.

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815 Washington Street, Newton, Massachusetts 02460

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