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  • Graphic novels advance literacy development

Graphic Novels Advance Children’s Literacy Development


Motherly Life Notes Historically, comics were considered unhelpful recreational reading unfit for use in the classroom. That has changed. Graphic novels and comics are now understood to motivate young and reluctant readers. With detailed illustrations, the graphic novel format engages children and can be an effective medium for even the driest subject matter such as history and social studies. Graphic novels stimulate the mind in a way that plain text novels do not. [...]

Reading is a Critical Component of Academic Development


Motherly Life Notes Leisure reading makes a difference in a child’s educational performance. Children who read for pleasure perform better in literacy tests, develop a broader vocabulary and increase their understanding of social cues and other cultures. Reading for pleasure is a stronger indicator of success in school than a child’s socioeconomic background. Parents can help by finding books that fit the interests of their children. If, for example, a young [...]

  • Braind development when a child learns to read

What Happens to the Brain When a Child Learns to Read


As infants, children hear and start to learn sounds. Preschoolers begin to manipulate sounds into spoken words and, as they get older apply and match those sounds to written letters and written words. Young students must then learn vocabulary as well as appropriate structure for sentences, paragraphs and storytelling. Eventually, in elementary school, kids develop and strengthen reading fluency and comprehension skills. There are certain areas of the brain that are highly active as [...]

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Academic Excellence

What Can Be Done About the Pandemic’s Detrimental Effect On Learning?


Motherly Life Notes The WSJ reports on studies by brain scientists, psychiatrists, educators and economists researching how children have been affected by learning loss as a result of school closures in 2020-2021. During the first 21 months of the pandemic, schools were closed for an average of 224 days. More than 1.6 billion, approximately 80%, of all school-aged children globally missed a significant amount of class time. Academic and Health Consequences One study [...]

Samsung’s Citizenship Programs Guides Students To Become Leaders


This post summarizes various STEM-based opportunities for kids, organized and offered by Samsung. The company's Global Corporate Social Responsibility programs help guide students to become future innovators and leaders for improving societal issues. The Solve for Tomorrow program highlighted below gives opportunities to students in public middle and high schools across the country. Parents who are interested in getting their kids involved should work with their children's teachers to register. Samsung [...]

  • Media and children

Principals Concerned by Increasing Screen Time


Motherly Life Notes Time spent with screens takes away from time interacting directly with peers, teachers and parents. It impacts a multitude of behaviors. Children don’t learn how to sit still without some form of entertainment. They don't develop strong peer communication skills and have trouble interacting with teachers and tutors. Moreover, students who spend too much time on digital devices lack enough sleep and arrive school bleary-eyed and unprepared for the day's [...]

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