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Energy Fitness & Gymnastics offers a non-competitive recreational gymnastics program for children of all skill levels, from beginners to advanced. Students are guided through exercises on the floor, balance beams, trampolines, uneven bars, and vault, giving them a well-rounded start to gymnastics.


Various programs are offered, based on the athlete’s skill level. Except for Energy Gymnast, participation levels are determined by staff recommendation only.

  • Energy Gymnast (Beginner) – Introduction to gymnastics with a focus on strength, coordination, balance, and flexibility. Kids will learn base gymnastics skills such as cartwheel, handstand, forward and backward roll and pullover.
  • Super Energy Gymnast (Intermediate) – Gymnasts will build on existing skills and knowledge. They will focus on strength, body awareness, and flexibility. Skills learned will include front and back walkovers, back hip circles, and front handsprings, among other exercises.
  • Might E Gymnast (Advanced) – Advanced instruction designed for students who have a passion for mastering gymnastics. Students will have opportunities to learn full routines and develop complex skills. Students will learn round-off back handspring, front tucks, and cartwheel on the beam.
  • Xcel Program (Advanced) – Designed for advanced level gymnasts. Students will work on advance skills, including the fly-away, layouts, yurchenko’s, twists, connected skills, back walkovers on the beam, and routines. Xcel gymnasts will join the Energy Gymnastics Team and will have opportunities to compete if they choose.

Birthday Parties

Families can reserve exclusive access to the Energy Fitness facility to host a 90 minute birthday party for up to 20 – 25 children, depending on the age group. Kids will spend the first hour enjoying cooperative games, obstacle courses, parachute play, and jumping around in the trampoline and foam pit area. Activities are followed by a half-hour in a dedicated party area for a cake celebration.

Staff members will set up and facilitate the party, guiding the children through activities, and serve refreshments, and handle the clean up. All paper products are included. Parents are responsible for providing food, beverages, and cake.

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70 Jaconnet Street, Newton, Massachusetts 02461

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