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How to Raise Resilient Kids

Children's lives are not stress-free. Many kids are in school for up to 8 hours a day, plus time in extracurricular activities. They meet new friends in new environments [...]


How to React if Your Child Dislikes the Teacher

It's a difficult time when you realize your child has been upset at school. And it can be tough to find out what really happened. Children have limited vocabularies [...]


College Admissions Process for Student Athletes

Motherly Life Notes If your kids are interested in competing in NCAA sports, it's time to learn about the college admissions process for athletes. Register for an NCAA [...]


Raise Emotionally Intelligent Kids

Motherly Life Notes We highly recommend this article published by TEDEd. It reminds me of when our kids were in daycare. The teachers often chanted "You get what [...]


Play Sports, Get Better Grades

Motherly Life Notes Students who participate in sports dedicate a substantial portion of their time to practice and competition. At first glance, it may seem as if sports [...]


Environmental Factors Determine Intelligence

Motherly Life Notes Environmental factors such as school and out-of-school activities influence intelligence during all stages of child development, from prenatal care to college and beyond. What Is [...]

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