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Math Competitions

Mathematics competitions are aimed primarily at advanced students in middle and high school. The contests are designed to promote problem-solving and analytics skills. Although generally held in-person at local [...]


Math Resources for Top Students

Motherly Life is committed to helping parents find important information to help them raise happy, successful kids. In this post, we provide a great list of resources aimed at [...]


Our 22 Favorite Books for Kids Aged 0 – 4

As parents think about how to set their children on a path toward success, reading should be a priority. It's a critical component of daily life, from a simple [...]


Help Your Kids Learn to Love Reading

Leisure reading makes a difference in children's educational performance. Independent readers develop a broad vocabulary, better comprehension skills, and increased understanding of the world. Help your child get [...]


Graphic Novels Advance Children’s Literacy Development

Motherly Life Notes Historically, comics were considered unhelpful recreational reading unfit for use in the classroom. That has changed. Graphic novels and comics are now understood to motivate [...]


Risks and Benefits of Kids’ Use of Digital Devices

Motherly Life Notes Deeper research is providing a better understanding of the risks and potential benefits of the use of tablets, phones, and other digital devices. Psychologists and [...]


Media and the Well-Being of Children

Motherly Life Notes This book is a compilation of work from multiple contributors. It focuses on the media’s effects and benefits on youth development. The research is centered [...]


What is a Youth Travel Team

When kids show potential and an interest in playing sports at a highly competitive level, parents should understand both the opportunities as well as the sacrifices involved with participating [...]


How to React if Your Child Dislikes the Teacher

Do you know how to react if your child dislikes the teacher? It's a difficult time when you realize your child has been upset at school. And it can [...]

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