This post summarizes various STEM-based opportunities for kids, organized and offered by Samsung. The company’s Global Corporate Social Responsibility programs help guide students to become future innovators and leaders for improving societal issues. The Solve for Tomorrow program highlighted below gives opportunities to students in public middle and high schools across the country. Parents who are interested in getting their kids involved should work with their children’s teachers to register.

Samsung Global CSR educates the future generation. Through education, courses, mentor support, and contests, Samsung encourages youth to develop and strengthen their STEM skills to become future leaders and innovators.

Young Students Learn to Solve Societal Issues Through Technology and Innovation

Launched in 2020, Solve for Tomorrow, is an educational STEM-based contest that helps young people develop problem-solving skills aimed at cultivating innovations for a better society. The program is designed to challenge students in public middle and high schools to apply STEM skills to research, study and improve societal issues. They meet with top professionals in various professional fields to discuss education, sustainability, social isolation, and the use of technology to solve problems in the community.

Samsung Solve for Tomorrow Annual Fair

Bright young minds across many different nationalities and backgrounds create and pitch technology solutions that address societal problems. Disciplines include environmental sustainability, online safety, and education, among others. Teams of young students aged 12 to 25 develop mobile applications, platforms, AI, and VR solutions.

Students who participate in the Solve for Tomorrow contest:

  • define real world problems by asking unbiased questions
  • identify resources needed to solve the problem
  • improve the maturity of realization through trial and refinement

Solve For Tomorrow

  • Thousands of classrooms apply annually
  • Review the student resources to learn more about the contest and find information related to encouraging teachers to join
  • Registration opens in September. Teachers submit an entry form describing their students’ project
  • An alumni program supports past participants
  • Annual STEM fair reunites the Solve for Tomorrow community each year
  • Students develop creative and critical thinking capabilities and advance communication and collaboration skills. These skills are critical for success in the workplace

Journey to a Better Future

Samsung SW Academy for Youth

  • Launched in 2018, Samsung SW Academy for Youth offers advanced software education and employment services to help students excel in the job market