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Math Competitions

Mathematics competitions are aimed primarily at advanced students in middle and high school. The contests are designed to promote problem-solving and analytics skills. Although generally held in-person at local [...]


Math Resources for Top Students

Motherly Life is committed to helping parents find important information to help them raise happy, successful kids. In this post, we provide a great list of resources aimed at [...]


Our 22 Favorite Books for Kids Aged 0 – 4

As parents think about how to set their children on a path toward success, reading should be a priority. It's a critical component of daily life, from a simple [...]


Recommended Summer Reading for Grades K-12

Best Books for Early Readers in Grades K - 3 Slow, Slow Sloths Bonnie Bader Summary. An early reading book filled with photos and [...]


Recommended Summer Reading for Grades 9 – 12

Fiction The Giver Lois Lowry Summary. Jonas lives in a seemingly idyllic community where everything is determined for the people. Citizens are assigned their [...]


Recommended Summer Reading for Grades 6 – 8

Fiction Chasing Vermeer Blue Balliett Summary. Petra and Calder find themselves at the center of an art scandal. Everyone seems to be a suspect [...]


Recommended Summer Reading for Grades 4 – 5

Fiction The Twenty-One Balloons William Pene du Bois Summary. On a voyage in a hot air balloon across the Pacific Ocean, Professor Sherman lands [...]

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