Leisure reading makes a difference in children’s educational performance. Independent readers develop a broad vocabulary, better comprehension skills, and increased understanding of the world. Help your child get off to a great start.

  • Read aloud to your child. Talk about the characters, pictures and words.
  • Make books available. Whether from the library, borrowed, or new from the bookstore.
  • Read yourself. Share the story, article, or news with your kids and explain why you read.

Any and All Reading is Considered Reading

Everyone gravitates toward events and projects that align with their individual interests. That also holds true for reading. And for kids. Help your children develop a love of reading by finding books that spark their interest. Librarians can suggest books with a relevant theme. Video gamers may enjoy graphic novels filled with secret agent missions. If your daughter loves desserts, check out a cookbook with lots of images to attract her attention. Even some cereal boxes have colorful characters, games or a brief story line that can captivate a young child. It’s important to remember that any and all reading counts as reading.

  • Early reader books
  • Notes from parents
  • Cereal boxes
  • Traffic signs
  • Posters at stores
  • Tee shirts
  • Word find puzzles
  • Birthday cards
  • Menus
  • Chapter books
  • Magazines
  • Recipe books
  • Math books
  • Graphic novels
  • Comic books
Comic books count as books

Yes, Even Comic Books Count as Books

Comic books are filled with action and adventure. From the very first page, kids will study the background pictures and get a feel for the setting, time period and style of the book. The stories involve conflicts, character development and problem solving. Importantly, there are comics and graphic novels for every age and across many topics.

Dan Hurley credits reading Spider-Man and other comic books as the key reason he went from being unable to read at age 8 to becoming a straight A student. By the time he was a teen he scored the equivalent of 136 on an IQ test. Dan went on to become a professional science writer and journalist.

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Amazing Graphic Novels for Early Readers

Buy a Set for Your Kids


Andy Runton

Owly, a good-natured kind little owl, and his best friend Wormy experience great adventures. They help other wildlife creatures, share gifts, build homes, and make new friends. The illustrations are amazing for young kids and the tales are filled with kindness, compassion and adventure.

Buy a Set for Your Kids
Buy a Copy for Your Kids

Geraldine Pu and Her Cat Hat, Too!

Maggie P. Chang

This ready-to-read graphic novel is about a young girl who learns to love her unique style. The Geraldine Pu series is wonderful for reading aloud as well as for early independent readers. The books are filled with fun illustrations and provide simple guides that help kids learn how to read comic format books.

Buy a Copy for Your Kids
Buy a Copy for Your Kids

Waffles and Pancake Planetary-YUM

Drew Brockington

Two young cats, Waffles and his sister Pancake, take a trip to the science museum. This early graphic novel series is great entertainment for young kids and is filled with educational facts about space.

Buy a Copy for Your Kids

Graphic novels are a great format to help kids learn to love reading!