Link Between Psychological Well-Being and Volunteering

An interview-based study in India focused on exploring self-perceived linkages between well-being and volunteering. Self-reported findings from individuals engaged in long-term volunteering indicated positive development of key mental and physical characteristics.

  • Long-term volunteers experienced higher levels of positive psychological outcomes in both mental health and general physical health
  • Engagement in meaningful activities beyond self contributes to positive youth development through competence, confidence, caring, connection and character
  • Volunteering propels positive youth development that enables skill building and comfort with identity
  • Long-term volunteers report engaging in volunteering gave them a sense of purpose
  • Prejudices diminish and individuals who volunteer are able to interact well with people from a different social class
  • Gain a willingness to go beyond the individual comfort zones
  • Develop a greater level of confidence in social situations
  • Achieve better emotional regulation skills and manage negative emotions

Read More – Long-Term Engagement in Formal Volunteering and Well-Being: An Exploratory Indian Study (National Library of Medicine).

Photo credit: truthseeker08