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Schools that are devoted to helping students develop high emotional intelligence improve both the well being of children and their academic scores.

Emotional Intelligence Leads to Higher Scores

Students who have higher abilities of emotional intelligence achieve stronger performance in certain subjects. The link is explained through an understanding that emotionally intelligent kids build close social relationships and regulate their emotions related to academic expectations and results.

The results are more definite for Humanities subjects rather than in Science.

Emotional Intelligence Models

  • Emotional Competence consists of being aware of one’s emotions, showing empathy, managing relationships, and being adaptable and able to control one’s emotions.
  • Emotional and Social Competence represents effective psychological functioning for the well being of interpersonal competence, stress management, adaptability, and mood control.
  • Trait Emotional Intelligence is a comprehensive model that integrates emotions, personality traits and intelligence. It comprises the ability to perceive one’s own emotions as well as the emotions of others. It includes the ability to express and communicate emotions clearly and having control to self regulate emotions. Professor Petrides of London Psychometric Laboratory presents detailed information through course materials and informational videos.


The research was published in the Psychological Bulletin.


American Psychological Association

Top photo credit: Leo Fontes | Pixabay