Children Go Through Multiple Stages of Development

All children go through stages of developmental. As with physical height and weight characteristics, children have predictable stages of social and cognitive growth. This includes their interest in playing alone or with friends. It also includes how they learn. For the most part, developmental stages are predictable. With each stage, children change how they relate to others and how they approach the world. While the stages are predictable, remember that the rate at which each child changes may differ.

Developmental Characteristics of 6 Year Olds

  • Competitive without always being a good sport
  • Can be bossy or critical, tattles
  • Rushes to be first or lags to be last
  • Wants to have friends
  • Enjoys imagination games, dress up
  • Talkative, noisy
  • Easily upset when discouraged or criticized
  • Loves encouragement, praise, surprises
  • May test authority with tantrums and complaining
  • Eyes are developing and reading becomes easier
  • Often chews on objects, hair, fingernails, possibly due to the discomfort of new teeth coming in
  • Growing rapidly
  • Loves physical activity
  • May tire easily and get sick often
  • Develops an understanding of past and present
  • Able to see other points of view and understands reasons for rules
  • Loves new ideas and asking questions
  • Learns well through games, poems, riddles and songs
  • Ambitious and excited to try new projects
  • Learns well from exploring, field trips, hands-on projects
  • Enjoys doing work
Developmental Characteristics of KidsCredit: ArtTower from Pixabay

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