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Summer Activities That Help Kids Prepare for School

Simple actions can lead to great success. This is particularly true when it comes to helping kids learn. Undemanding academic practice without grade consequences can lay the foundation for a great start to the new school year. TABLE OF CONTENTS Develop vocabulary, creative thinking, and [...]

By |07/13/2022|Academic Excellence|

Understand The SAT

What Exactly Is The SAT? The SAT is a globally-recognized standardized test that assesses a student's readiness and likelihood of success in college. The test measures competency and skill level in applying knowledge across three core academic categories: (i) reading, (ii) writing, and (iii) math. High school students [...]

By |07/01/2022|Academic Excellence|

Reading Fosters Higher Intelligence

A Kid Learns to Read and then Reads to Learn It’s simple, reading is a critical component of daily life. From understanding food ingredients and managing bills to crafting a detailed board presentation, reading is a key factor of success. Early reading to young children sets a foundation [...]

Help Children Prepare for Their First Year in School

Young children may feel nervous and uncertain about starting school. Families can help their children make a successful transition to their new life as a student. We have compiled and abbreviated recommendations by early education programs to help our readers. Discuss the Upcoming Changes Discuss expectations and concerns to [...]

By |06/22/2022|Academic Excellence, Emotional Intelligence|

Volunteering Propels Psychological Well-Being

Motherly Life Notes An interview-based study in India explored self-perceived linkages between well-being and volunteering. Individuals engaged in long-term volunteering indicated positive development in terms of mental health and general physical health, as well as strengthened social connections. Further, volunteers on long-term assignments experienced higher levels of self-acceptance, [...]

By |06/13/2022|Characteristics of Success|

Mothers’ Tips For Raising Kids Who Succeed

While the measures of success vary from person to person, certain traits are common among successful people. Help your kids build a solid foundation for achieving their individual goals as well as a lifetime of happiness and mental wellness. Help your kids develop inherent kindness and build self-confidence Kindness. [...]

By |05/23/2022|Characteristics of Success|

For Parents of Tweens & Teens

Many parents would agree it can be difficult to understand kids as they near adolescence. But it's not impossible to recognize and then understand what tweens and teens are experiencing. They have increased academic challenges, physical changes, new schools and peers, and greater competition across their extracurricular activities. We [...]

By |04/15/2021|Emotional Intelligence, Social Emotional|



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