Students who aim to achieve a high SAT score should develop their knowledge of vocabulary. Understanding the definition is an important factor, but how words fit into the context of a written passage is the key.

Understand Meaning of Words Based on Context

Words with multiple-meanings are incorporated into passages and become the subject of SAT questions. For example, the test will ask for the meaning of a word like “attribute” or “novel” based on the context of the written passage, not simply for the definition of the word. You could think of it as if the test is asking for the closest synonym for the given word.

Another example is the test may ask how the use of certain words establish the tone of the paragraph. In that scenario, the student must determine what the author was trying to convey. Again, while it’s important to know the definition of words, students must also have the ability to understand the written content as well as the specific meaning or purpose of why certain words are used.


Summary. Through simple lessons and activities, students build their vocabulary knowledge to prepare for the SAT test. The book helps students understand a word’s origin, which provides an indication of the meaning. Words are defined and an example sentence is included. Short quizzes are offered as practice throughout the book.

Reviews. Reviewers comment that this workbook is a great learning tool. It’s highly recommended for teens who are preparing for ACTs and SATs as well as for adults who want to continue improving their writing and communication skills. Readers like the thematic grouping, which helps connect words to topics. The format enables students to develop a deeper understanding of words rather than simply memorize definitions.

Alternative. If your kids are still in middle school, buy the Vocabulary Workbook for 8th Grade: Weekly Activities to Boost Your Word Power. This workbook enhances vocabulary skills through 36 lessons and exercises appropriate for the grade level. Students will develop their understanding of the meanings and correct usage of words, which leads to a solid foundation for their upcoming SAT prep.

Summary. This is a book of 1,200 frequently used words. It includes straightforward definitions and sentence examples. While The Words You Should Know is not specifically directed at SAT prep, it includes common words used in higher level conversations. Students who build their general vocabulary knowledge are better equipped to put SAT test questions into context. Moreover, a strong vocabulary fosters self-confidence in professional and social settings.

Reviews. Reviewers like the ease of use and selection of words included in the book. It’s a useful book for understanding the meaning and use of words that are commonly used in daily conversations.

Summary. A box of 500 flashcards covering vocabulary words that are frequently used in written passages within the SAT Evidence-Based Reading and Writing tests. Each card includes the target word, pronunciation guide, definition, synonyms, antonyms, and an example sentence.

Reviews. This box is great for teens, particularly those who are studying for the ACT or SAT. Teacher reviewers state that they use these flashcards in their class. Many reviewers take the approach of selecting a few flashcards to study throughout each day.

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