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Whitin Nights at Wellesley College are held about once a month during the spring and fall semesters. Students and faculty open the Observatory to members of the public. Visitors take a tour, listen to talks, and may have an opportunity to look through the 6″ and 12″ telescopes, depending on the weather. Each public night represents a different theme, providing a chance for individuals to learn something new about the universe during each visit.

The Whitin Observatory is home to the Wellesley College Astronomy Department with classrooms, astronomy laboratory facilities, the Astronomy Library, and faculty offices. Built in 1900 and enlarged most recently in 2010, Whitin is considered an unusually fine facility for undergraduate training in astronomy.


The public nights are free of charge and are held regardless of weather conditions. No reservations are required. Children are welcome and must be supervised by their parents or caregivers.

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The Observatory driveway and circle are closed to vehicles after sunset.  Visit the College’s website for up to date information about parking and access to the Observatory.

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106 Central Street, Wellesley, Massachusetts 02482

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