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LINX creates fun and exciting experiences for kids in PK through 8th grade. High quality programs are offered in an emotionally safe environment. LINX offers dance, theater, science and sports classes.

The fun-based learning philosophy allows children to learn while having an exciting memorable experience. The teaching staff is comprised of education and child-development professionals. They design and lead age-appropriate lessons that engage students through hands-on activities.


  • Martial Arts classes are offered for kids from 3 years to 5th grade and Kung Fu for students in grades 2-8. Kids learn to focus while jumping, leaping, punching, and kicking. Through a detailed choreographed pattern of movements, kids learn proper technique, attention to detail and success.
  • Science classes give kids an opportunity to learn and explore everything from green energy to propulsion to photosynthesis to magnetic fields. Students will develop skills, learn from mistakes, and take pride in their successes during these project-based STEM classes.
  • Sports classes offer fun-based learning while practicing athletics. Kids develop strategy, accuracy, endurance, and muscle memory. They make friends and have fun playing baseball, tennis, hockey, football, dodgeball and soccer.

Summer Camp

LINX also offers enriching and innovative summer programs for kids aged 3 years through 8th graders.

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141 Linden Street, Wellesley, Massachusetts 02482

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