Before you know it, your little baby will be entering a stage in life when his or her body is developing into a young adult. While we all know it’s a natural, normal part of life, parents often feel awkward and uncomfortable explaining to their sons and daughters what is happening to their bodies. It’s fairly common to start covering the topic of puberty with kids when they reach 8 or 9 years old.

A great way to support your children during this time is to help them find age appropriate factual information. We recommend starting the conversation before they seek answers on their own through broad internet searches that may lead to inaccurate myths and stories inappropriate for their age. The following highly rated books are great resources for preteen boys and girls.


Summary. These books are filled with information to help preteen and teen girls and boys learn and understand the changes in their bodies. It takes a sensitive approach to the subject matter and follows a down-to-earth format.  Many topics are covered, including growth spurts, breast development, menstrual cycle, body hair, sexual feelings, voice changes, and puberty of the opposite sex. In addition, there are illustrations and a resource section.

Reviews. Parents react positively to the information provided in this book as well as the format, which helps young teens prepare for both physical and emotional changes. For many, a key benefit of these books are to open up topics of conversation. One particular topic that received high reviews is the importance for girls and boys to appreciate their own individual body and learn to eat healthy. It is recommended that parents read through these books and ensure their kids are at an appropriate age for the information and the illustrations.

Summary. A trusted resource for young girls aged 9+. This guide explains the changes that will happen to girls’ bodies as they enter adulthood. Many topics are covered, including healthy eating, personal hygiene, menstrual cycle, and other important topics. Note also that this book includes a brief section on sex. It is recommended that parents read the book first and determine if that section is appropriate for their daughters.

Reviews. This book receives high ratings for the positive tone and simple, high level explanations. It’s written in a short format, making it fairly easy for preteens to understand what to expect as they get older. Some parents taped or glued together the pages that described sex and include drawings of a nude male as they preferred to wait until their daughters are older.

Summary. A body positive book that covers everything related to girls’ puberty, from bras to braces to menstrual cycles. This book also covers tips for how to handle peer pressure and stay safe growing up in a world with social media. Celebrate Your Body helps girls choose healthy foods, exercise and sleep schedules.

Reviews. Parents appreciate this highly rated book for its straight talk about eating healthy, personal hygiene and what girls should expect as they grow into young women. Appropriate for girls aged 9+. Many parents commented that this book is a good option for girls to read alone or with a parent. As with other books on this topic, some commenters felt sections of the book were inappropriate for younger girls and it’s recommended that parents read through the book before giving it to their daughters.

Summary. This book for boys provides guidance on how to take care of oneself, from eating healthy to oral hygiene to facial skin care. Guy Stuff is illustrated and includes tips, how-tos, and facts from pediatricians. Boys will learn what to expect as their voice, body and emotions change as they enter adulthood. The format and style is matter-of-fact and straight forward with simple explanations that help ease a boy’s anxiety about the changes he is experiencing.

Reviews. It’s a helpful resource for starting conversations between parents and their sons. Many of the reviewers read through the book prior to giving it to their sons, aged 10+. Parents appreciate that the book offers straight forward facts that counteract any myths and rumors spread amongst peers.

Summary. This book uses a fun, illustrated approach to convey facts about developmental changes in preteen and teen boys. Using language that is relatable, boys learn about health, hygiene, and sexuality without feeling embarrassed or misunderstood. In addition to physical changes, the book covers topics such as social media, cyber bullying, and respecting women.

Reviews. Many parents, aunts and uncles offered positive reviews for the straight to the point, factual approach. That said, the illustrations and humor keeps boys interested and engaged in the content. The book covers many topics while alleviating any apprehension or anxiety about puberty. Appropriate for age 10+.


Summary. This book takes an approach that when your daughter is growing up, it’s time to celebrate. Parents will gain insight, tips, and tricks for explaining periods, cramps, acne, mood swings, body odor and other changes. Learn how and when to talk to your daughter in a calm, unassuming way that raises her awareness about puberty and improves her self-esteem.

Reviews. This book is known for offering solid guidance to help parents be prepared with technical descriptions and factual knowledge that makes conversations about puberty easier to manage. The book includes simple physical and clinical explanations that are relatable to most if not all families.

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