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New England Chess School, founded in 2015, offers online and in-person chess classes for kids aged 6 – 14 years. NECS also offers chess camps and local chess clubs year round.

Classes focus on tournament participation and team building. The class will include a lecture, playtime, and occasional homework assignments to supplement in-class learning. Group lessons include games, puzzles, and strategies.


The curriculum is structured around six progressive skill levels:

  • Pawn – younger kids and kids who aren’t yet familiar with chess
  • Knight – kids who are capable of finishing the game by themselves, but haven’t yet perfected the most common chess tactics
  • Bishop – kids who have already taken part in the tournaments and have a USCF rating of 300 and higher
  • Rook – kids who have achieved a USCF rating of 900 and higher
  • Queen and King – by invitation only


Classes are offered during after school hours and on weekends. The class calendar corresponds with Boston’s public school schedule.

Summer Clinics and Classes

NECS also offers a summer program with both online and in-person sessions.

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