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The Stratford Foundation is a nonprofit organization supporting the Commonwealth Learning Center (CLC). CLC enhances the academic skills of those who learn differently and those seeking to accelerate current performance through one-to-one individualized instruction. Students overcome learning challenges through tutoring, onsite and online teaching. The Center uses customized plans to meet the needs of each student and also offers educational assessments. Students develop their academic talents and improve school performance.

CLC can help children develop early literacy skills, master reading, writing, and math, and transition to middle and high school. There are also adult learning programs.

  • Kindergarten & First Grade: Phonemic awareness, letter and number recognition, letter sounds, rhyming and syllable awareness, sight word recognition, number skills
  • Elementary School: Phonemic awareness, reading fluency, reading comprehension, spelling rules, grammar, note-taking skills, math skills and problem solving
  • Middle School & High School: Reading fluency and comprehension, organization, time management, essay writing, math support, executive function, standardized test taking
  • Adults: Academic support for college coursework, reading, writing, math, GED exam preparation


Teachers have special expertise working with students who have learning disabilities, including dyslexia, ADHD, language-based, non-verbal, and executive function. Teachers are certified in the areas of special education, reading, or math and are trained in specialized multi-sensory programs. Most have advanced degrees and all have undergone criminal background checks.

Fee Structure

The services are offered on an hourly rate. No contract is required.

Financial Assistance

Financial aid is available on a sliding fee scale based on family income. All students pay at least part of the fee.

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220 Reservoir Street, Needham, Massachusetts 02494

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