Here are some high level tips for taking great pictures of kids. You can improve the quality of your photographs even if you’re using a smart phone for all your photojournalist needs.

  • Take advantage of natural light
    • Use flash when needed, but avoid pointing the flash directly at the subject
  • Shoot photos from the same level as the child. Bend down, lay down, move the camera to eye level of the subject
  • Pay attention to unwanted shadows
    • This is particularly true near windows; while the natural light is great, the window panes can cast deep shadows on the subject
  • Practice, practice, practice
    • Learn the focus modes of your camera and how to adjust under specific situations such as when the kids are moving
  • Be patient…
    • Capture what the kids are doing rather than worry about trying to convince them into a specific pose
  • … and be ready for anything!


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