The start of a new school year brings out lots of emotions. Your child will meet new teachers and new friends, and for some a new town and a whole new school. We compiled a list of great books to read with your elementary school aged children as they get ready to go back to school.

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Gingerbread Man Loose in the School

by Linda Murray

This is a fun book composed with rhythm and rhyme. The class bakes a gingerbread man, but leaves him behind to cool. The cookie searches for his friends, discovering the many classrooms and teachers in the elementary school. This is a great book to read aloud. We recommend it for all young kids, especially those entering Kindergarten or a new school.

Big Friends

by Linda Sarah

Best friends Birt and Etho love pretending and imaging. Like most kids, they love playing with cardboard boxes. When another boy joins, Birt has to deal with the emotions of sharing his best friend.

Be a Friend

by Salina Yoon

This book is about friendship. Dennis, a little boy, communicates only through miming. When he kicks an imaginary ball at school, a classmate surprises him by catching it! The story highlights the joy of creating new friendships.

School’s First Day of School

by Adam Rex

Written from the perspective of the school, this book takes young readers on a first day of school journey. The story offers a sweet introduction to the nerves of starting school, taking on new challenges, making friends, and feelings of success.

The New Girl…and Me

by Jacqui Robbins

Shakeeta is the new girl and it isn’t an easy start. She finds a good friend in Mia after both girls are excluded from the soccer team. Together, the new friends share laughs and lots of fun.

My Two Blankets

by Irena Kobald

A young girl moves to a new country and a big city. She has difficulty with the new language. The girl finds comfort by wrapping herself in a blanket that reminds her of home. When she makes a new friend, she feels the comfort of a new blanket. This one is woven of words and experiences.

A Tiger Tail (or What Happened to Anya on Her First Day of School)

by Mike Boldt

Anya awakes for the first day of school and realizes she has grown a colorful tail overnight! She is worried about what the kids at school will think. This is a cute tale, helping readers gain an understanding of how to handle back-to-school jitters and deal with concerns about what others may think.

My Friend Maggie

by Hannah E. Harrison

Maggie and Paula are best friends. When they encounter a bully at school, they deal with certain challenges before learning to support each other. This is a story about learning how to deal with social pressures and understanding how to be a good and loyal friend.

Waffles the Chicken Classroom Jitters

by Ken Matthews

Waffles is nervous about leaving the farm and going to school. As he overcomes his nervous classroom jitters, he learns how to engage in conversations and make friends. Kids love this funny chicken character and the colorful images throughout the book. This is a great story to introduce social and emotional skills and help prepare children for a new school year.

Mr. Wolf’s Class

by Aron Nels Steinke

Mr. Wolf is preparing for his first year teaching at Hazelwood Elementary. All the students get ready for their first day of fourth grade. They bring a lot of unexpected surprises to class and Mr. Wolf has his hands full. This funny illustrated graphic novel is both silly and relatable. Kids love the heartfelt stories of the student characters.

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