Credit: Suzuki Preschool of Newton

Detailed Information

Suzuki Preschool of Newton, a non-profit community school, is modeled after the Suzuki method of music. There are two classrooms for kids aged 3 and 4, and another classroom for pre-K students. The preschool follows a school calendar and is in session from September through June.


The curriculum provides an environment rich in activities and experiences. The Academic Program concentrates on building cognitive, social, emotional and psychomotor skills. And the Creative Arts Program incorporates foreign languages, Suzuki music instruction, art, creative movement and physical education.

Additional Hours

Extended day hours are available until 6:00pm.

Program Type
PreS / PreK
Schedule Options
School Year Calendar
Extended Hours
Enrichment Activities
Outdoor Space
Other Enrichment

Contact Information
1615 Beacon Street, Newton, Massachusetts 02468

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