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Tufts Pre-College Programs
High school students entering grades 10-12 (aged 15+) have an opportunity to spend two or three weeks in intensive study programs at Tufts University. They make new friends, explore the cam […]
Eliot-Pearson Children's School Summer Program
The six-week summer program for children aged 4-8 integrates play and learning with a focus on growth and exploration. The staff focuses on the development of creativity and the arts throug […]
Power Kids Summer Enrichment Program
Power Kids has been helping students in grades 1 - 6 support their peers and community since 2007. It's different from other summer programs as lead counselors are experienced classroom tea […]
Summerfuel's Pre-College Program at Tufts
Summerfuel's Pre-College Programs provide an opportunity for participants to prepare intellectually and socially for college life through seminars, workshops, and hands-on courses. The resi […]