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Ocean Protection Advocacy Kids offers hands-on ocean and climate sciences educational programs for elementary and middle school students.

Marine science experiments, games and activities encourage kids to fall in love with nature and develop a deep curiosity to continue learning. Programs are designed to teach kids advocacy communication skills through art, music, performances, and creative writing.

Middle School Workshops

OPAK offers various workshops, from learning about plankton and plastics, marine life communication, and marsh critters. Middle school students learn how to operate a microscope, identify marine life, understand the marine food web and develop advocacy skills.

High School Workshops

Through hands-on workshops, high school students learn how to create a marine protected area or research how plankton and plastics impact ocean life and the marine food web. All workshops educate students on advocacy communication.

High school workshops are typically 90 minutes to two hours.

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43 Shore Drive, Kendall Park, New Jersey 07732

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