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Risks and Benefits of Kids’ Use of Digital Devices

Motherly Life Notes Deeper research is providing a better understanding of the risks and potential benefits of the use of tablets, phones, and other digital devices. Psychologists and [...]


Media and the Well-Being of Children

Motherly Life Notes This book is a compilation of work from multiple contributors. It focuses on the media’s effects and benefits on youth development. The research is centered [...]


Parent-Child Conversation is Key to Brain Development

Motherly Life Notes Back-and-Forth Conversation Enhances Brain MIT scientists found that adult-child conversation changes the child's brain. Conversation accounts for a significant portion of the brain physiology and [...]


An Overview of Fluid and Crystallized Intelligence

Developed by renowned psychologist, Dr. Raymond Cattell, fluid intelligence and crystallized intelligence defines how knowledge is gained, stored and used over a lifetime. Fluid Intelligence [...]

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