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Detailed Information

Sunkissed Acorns offers English and Chinese supplemental education for children aged 6 weeks to 6 years. The center strives to provide a safe and stimulating environment that develops a foundation for children’s intellectual and emotional growth.


The daycare center believes that children thrive in integrated settings that involve the teamwork of the children, parents and teachers. Their philosophy involves open communication between parents and teachers in a safe and simulating daycare environment.


Classrooms are grouped by age and children learn through play, structured activities, toys and learning materials. With an understanding that every child is unique and rows and learns at their own pace, Sunkissed Acorns’ programs are designed to stimulate children’s problem solving, decision making, and creativity. Parents are welcome to visit their children at the center any time of the day.

Students can be enrolled for 2-, 3-, or 5-days per week.

Program Type
Daycare Center
PreS / PreK
Schedule Options
12-Month Program
Full Time
Part Time
Enrichment Activities
Other Enrichment

Contact Information
342 Tremont Street, Boston, Massachusetts 02116

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