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The YMCA offers swim lessons for children at all levels from the age of 6 months and beyond. Class registrations are grouped by age/ability and by session, which generally consists of a weekly lesson for 8 weeks. Infants and toddlers will become familiar with the water and learn basic skills for safety and confidence. Preschool age kids will start to learn to swim independently and will work on submerging. School age swimmers will work on immersion, movement, breath control and water comfort. As they progress, they will learn rhythmic breathing, develop swimming skills on front and back, and will learn to refine freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly technique.

Private Lessons

Private swim lessons are available for children and adults of all levels. Lessons will focus on achieving a certain level of overall proficiency or on refining a specific skill. Children will learn to swim under the YMCA Progressive swim guidelines. They engage in swim instruction as well as play time to build skills at their own individual pace and to ensure they succeed and build confidence. Swimmers will develop strokes, water safety skills and life skills within a positive environment.

Adults can focus on reaching a specific goal or gaining overall swimming skill. Lessons will provide one-on-one attention and allow swimmers to learn at their own pace. Private lessons are booked weekly or bi-weekly.

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820 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139

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