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Raise Emotionally Intelligent Kids

Motherly Life Notes We highly recommend this article published by TEDEd. It reminds me of when our kids were in daycare. The teachers often chanted "You get what [...]


Parent-Child Conversation is Key to Brain Development

Motherly Life Notes Back-and-Forth Conversation Enhances Brain MIT scientists found that adult-child conversation changes the child's brain. Conversation accounts for a significant portion of the brain physiology and [...]


Teach Kids How to Make Decisions

Parents manage countless daily household and family responsibilities, which often includes doing everything on behalf of their children. It's important, however, to remember that decision making is a critical [...]


Principals Concerned by Increasing Screen Time

Motherly Life Notes Source Screen Time Robs Children of Time with Peers and Parents Time spent with screens takes away from time interacting directly with [...]


For Parents of Tweens & Teens

Many parents would agree it can be difficult to understand kids as they near adolescence. But it's not impossible to recognize and then understand what tweens and teens are [...]

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