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Graphic Novels Advance Children’s Literacy Development

Motherly Life Notes Historically, comics were considered unhelpful recreational reading unfit for use in the classroom. That has changed. Graphic novels and comics are now understood to motivate [...]


Risks and Benefits of Kids’ Use of Digital Devices

Motherly Life Notes Deeper research is providing a better understanding of the risks and potential benefits of the use of tablets, phones, and other digital devices. Psychologists and [...]


Media and the Well-Being of Children

Motherly Life Notes This book is a compilation of work from multiple contributors. It focuses on the media’s effects and benefits on youth development. The research is centered [...]


Reading is a Critical Component of Academic Development

Motherly Life Notes Leisure reading makes a difference in a child’s educational performance. Children who read for pleasure perform better in literacy tests, develop a broader vocabulary and [...]


Parent-Child Conversation is Key to Brain Development

Motherly Life Notes MIT scientists found that adult-child conversation changes the child's brain. Conversation accounts for a significant portion of the brain physiology and language skills in children. [...]


An Overview of Fluid and Crystallized Intelligence

Developed by renowned psychologist, Dr. Raymond Cattell, fluid intelligence and crystallized intelligence defines how knowledge is gained, stored and used over a lifetime. Fluid Intelligence [...]


Teach Kids How to Make Decisions

Parents manage countless daily household and family responsibilities, which often includes doing everything on behalf of their children. It's important, however, to remember that decision making is a critical [...]

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